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Vans | Bondi BMX

Bondi isn’t all about surfing, for Lee, the skate park is home. Growing up in the UK, Lee’s passion was based on wheels, and being surrounded by one of the most popular surf destinations in the world hasn’t changed his perspective.

Director/DP | Alexander Glass
Editor | Alexander Glass
Rider | Lee Scagg
Producer | Ellie Winchester/Julia Tember
Music | You Got A Light by Kit & The Chardonnay Boys
Cover Photo | Ellie Winchester

Spec work for VANS

The Players’ Tribune | Off The Track | Burtons

What were you doing the day before high school graduation? For Harrison Burton, he was racing. And racing fast. This is the Burton family legacy. Presented by Toyota Racing.

Director | Drew Rauso
DP| Alexander Glass
Exec. Producer | Toyota Racing/The Player’s Tribune

H2 Coco | TasteReal Choice

When you have a choice, you choose delicious and refreshing. Shot for the 2018 H2 Coco Real Choice campaign.

Director | Jack Dostine
DP | Alexander Glass
Editor | Alexander Glass
Producer | H2 Coco

Thrillist | 5 Buck Lunch

“In a power-hungry town like Washington, DC, people are starving for tacos. There are several spots that you can go to for pretty decent taco options. But we’re not looking for decent, we’re looking for mind-blowing deliciousness that is actually affordable. Join host Kimberly Kong as she takes us to the best taco spot in DC for the cheapest lunch our bucks can buy.”

DP | Alexander Glass
Editor | Thrillist
Producer | Thrillist

ELM | Microsoft | TEALS

Microsoft empowers communities with technology.

Director | Darren Durlach
DP | Joel Flora
Editor | Alexander Glass/Jody Weldon
Producer | Early Light Media

Jay Fleming | A Chesapeake Bay Photojournalist

Using his photography, Jay Fleming documents life on the Chesapeake Bay – from fishermen to wild life – and his followers learn from his work on the water. In his first publication, Working the Water, Fleming introduced his readers to a day in the life on the water in the Bay. This year he plans to release a follow up, digging deeper into two unique Chesapeake Bay Islands.

Director/DP | Alexander Glass
Editor | Alexander Glass
Associate Producer | Jamal Francis

Serio Visuals |Erica + Brandon

Erica & Brandon’s wedding film at Glen Ellen Farm in Ijamsville, MD on August 24th, 2018

Camera | Alexander Glass/Ryan Serio
Editor |  Ryan Serio

Early Light Media | Throw

The first installment of Invisible Thread, an ongoing ELM passion project series, Throw tells the story of an outsider from East Baltimore, an area challenged by gang violence and poverty. Often misunderstood, Coffin Nachtmahr found acceptance among a subculture of “throwers” and it turns out, he’s a virtuoso. He now helps others find a creative and social outlet by sharing the very toy that inspired him.

Director/Writer| Darren Durlach/David Larson
Executive Producer | Jody Weldon/Coffin Nachtmahr
Associate Producer | Alexander Glass
Camera | David Larson/Darren Durlach/Alexander Glass

Lot1 Films | Fever

Fever, a short doc about the final party at one of Baltimore’s first underground warehouse rave venues, introduces viewers to a world where dance music frees people of labels and opens the lens to a community that won’t let time get in their way.

Executive Producer | Justin Peake
Director/Writer | Josh Davidsburg
Director of Photography | Alexander Glass
Editor | Alexander Glass

Philip Merrill College of Journalism | Merrill Made

Produced for the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism, 2018

DP | Alex Glass
Camera | Alex Glass/Ryan Serio/Patrick McNamara
File Footage | Merrill College
Voice | Danielle Stein
Script | Alex Glass/Alex Pyles
Edit | Alex Glass
Exec. Producer | Alex Pyles

ELM | Zero Gravity | Sculpting with Fire

A member of the Emerging Technology Centers, Zero Gravity Creations is on track to change the way glass and metal work together across the globe. It won a Gold AVA Award in 2015.

Director/DP | Alexander Glass
Editor | Alexander Glass
Producer | Early Light Media

ELM | Annie E. Casey Foundation | Atlanta Community Investment Fund

The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Community Investment Fund is a small-grant program that supports neighborhood improvement projects in southwest Atlanta’s Neighborhood Planning Unit V (NPU-V). The fund’s board, which consists of people who live or work in NPU-V, awards up to $50,000 in grants annually. The board also serves to build community leadership, enabling residents to experience the grant-making process while helping to foster neighborhood change.

Director | Darren Durlach
Camera | Darren Durlach/Alexander Glass
Editor | Alexander GLass
Producer | Early Light Media

PALS | Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability

The PALS program at the University of Maryland connects local cities and counties to the unique resources available only on a college campus. It provides students with real life experience working on full-fledged consultant projects – an experience no other courses can offer.

With a focus on sustainability, PALS brings plans and analysis to a city for a fraction of what it would cost for consultants in the private sector.

Director/DP | Alexander Glass
Editor | Alexander Glass
Producer | UMD Pals Program

CNS| Maryland Marijuana Decriminalization Explainer 

Along with Drew Rauso, Alex created a stop motion explainer to help Marylander’s understand the change in marijuana policy starting October 1st, 2014.

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